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WorkFlow Automation That Empower Your Employees

Enterprise Content Management


Enterprise Content Management

Manages your enterprise content from the point of inception all the way through the information lifecycle until final archival and destruction.

Whatever your industry or business size, we have the answer to your paper problems. Our document management solution, is packed full of valuable tools to help you file, locate, and edit any document in your organization with ease.

Document Management Anywhere, Anytime

With Contentverse, every single file from your organization is immediately available from anywhere. All files are easily found with a quick search, enhancing workplace mobility.

No more depending on someone else finding the file, logging into that unreliable VPN, or hoping the job can wait. With Contentverse on your side, simply open up a browser on any device and boom – you have what you need instantly. Alternatively if you really are on-the-move use CV Mobile for Android and iOS, Contentverse is always there for you.

Business process management

Workflow is an integral part of Contentverse that automatically delivers documents to designated parties. This ability to add business process management to your integrated operational environment is critical to success. The new Workflow Reporting Tool enables the administrator to configure a comprehensive array of variables to generate workflow reports. An enhanced workflow dashboard organizer makes life much easier for the user.

How Secure is My Content?

We have all been there how can I ensure that only those I nominate can have access and how can I control what they can and cannot do with the documents. Contentverse uses the users and groups from the net operating system – how you log in in the morning, to define the users.  Contentverse layers content privileges for those users and groups.

If someone hacks into the network can they bypass the application go straight to the staorage locations and open the documents. Unlike the majority of ECM solutions Contentverse encrypts all files “At Rest” and “in transit” so they cannot be opened except by going through the application.

Easy to use

Another feature of Contentverse is its general ease of use. Training costs and Support calls are low because Contentverse has a very straight-forward design. Once the system is learned, it is very simple. This is very conducive for SMB.

• File cabinet structure is easily recognizable and can emulate your current physical and/or digital filing system
• High adoption rate
      • Refined interface, with familiar Microsoft ribbon
      • Tiered toward the end-user
      • Stores any file format
      • Option to add registered Security Manager who can define rights and privileges of designated administrators
      • Administrators can now appoint Sub Administrators and delegate them administrative tasks according to system-wide roles